Weekly Decree


Weekly Decree works as a once-a-week resurfacing treatment. This clinical grade treatment has been formulated to brighten, tone and smoothe the skin. It features an intensive fruit acid exfoliator and a deeply hydrating mask – with a supply to last for six weeks.

Step one: Airbrushing Acid, is a silky gel blend of resurfacing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and fruit enzymes to intensely exfoliate away dead and dulling skin cells to reveal the radiant new cells underneath.

Step two: Replenishing Paste, a deeply nourishing crème mask crafted to restore moisture, hydration and skin-essential lipids for a contented, dewy and youthful-looking finish.

The end result; glowing, smoother textured and more even skin tone.

“Airbrushing Acid is the perfect deep exfoliant. It combines a blend of resurfacing acids with fruit enzymes to improve the skins brightness, texture and tone. Follow with Replenishing Paste which has been designed to put back into the skin the essential lipids and hydration it needs following a deep exfoliation." DR AJ Sturnham             

Size: 6 x 4ml & 6 x 6ml  

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