Ambiance Mist


Why Shen Loves it: Change your space with Ambiance Mists. These non-toxic blends can be used to freshen up furniture, enhance your atmosphere, as deodorizer for you furry family members, or to enhance your dreams with a spritz on your pillows. Purified water is also filtered through a proprietary quartz crystal filter to infuse the mist with positive energy.


4 oz

Shen Recommends: Shake to activate the crystal energy a mist anywhere and everywhere! 


Purified, crystal charged water
Organic spruce oil
Organic lemongrass oil
Organic patchouli oil
Organic lavender oil
Rose Quartz stone 
Purified, crystal charged water
Organic lemon oil
Organic rosemary oil
Organic sage oil
Rose Quartz stone

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