Vegan Luxe Collection Lashes

Available in 6 unique lash styles, each pair of luxurious Vegan Luxe lashes are handmade with the highest-quality synthetic fibers to mimic the look and feel of mink.

Handmade Vegan Luxe Lashes

Look and Feel Mink



Vegan Luxe Collection Lashes

Lash Next Door

Benefits Include

  • Are Those Real?: Are those real? No one needs to know. These vegan mink lashes designed are for everyday wear with straight fibres to mimic natural, gorgeous lashes
  • Lash Next Door: Sweet and innocent, this ultra natural, vegan mink lash has a subtle flare with criss-cross fibres to mimic natural lash volume. Let your lashes do the flirting for you
  • Poker Face: Don't take a gamble on these vegan mink lashes. We love the subtle volume, natural spiky pattern and rounded shape of Poker Face to open up the eyes

How To Use

1) Measure and trim to fit your natural lash line.

2a) Apply a thin layer of Velour Lash Adhesive (sold separately) to the lash and wait 30 seconds.

2b) You may also use Velour Lash & Go - Eyeliner and Lash Adhesive Hybrid (sold separately) and apply from the inner to outer corner along upper lash line.

3) Place along your lash line and adjust as necessary.

Key Ingredients

Synthetic Fibres
Cotton-Thread Band