Sweaty Faace



Fitness faace, climate faace, anxious faace, got-a-deadline/ meeting/job interview/date-I’m-panicking-about faace.

you feel like you’re constantly perspiring from workouts, work or weather changes. Rectify that hot and bothered feeling with a skin detox and keep it cool, calm and collected.

argan oil is the Goldilocks of oils – not too heavy, not too light, but just right for all complexions as its omega fatty acids and vitamin E compounds moisturize, soothe and don’t clog pores (the last thing you need when there are already toxins lingering); grapefruit revitalizes the senses and loads the skin with vitamin C and antioxidants to null inflammation; bergamot is a stellar spot treatment for sensitive skin that has a tendency to overreact with astringent ingredients; galbanum tones and rejuvenates, giving overworked skin that much needed refresh and deep clean, while patchouli spurs on skin cell activity for added buoyancy. Essentially, you’re strength training your skin.

Apply as a priming moisturizer before your make-up or a thick layer as
a mask and leave on for 5 minutes, 20 minutes or overnight. Designed to sink into skin fast whether you whack on in transit or spend time slathering your skin before bed, you call the shots. And if you do prefer to wipe off any residue, that’s cool too - make IT work for you and whatever your faace throws at you on any given day.


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