Senteurs D'Orient



Why Shen Loves it: Turn your bathing ritual into a luxurious, holistic experience with our signature Hammam soap. Each pure vegetal soap is handcrafted by local artisans in Lebanon, air-dried for 10 days, and etched with our elegant filigree. We use a blend of precious essential oils, fine fragrance and moisturizing Olive oil, Vitamin E, Shea butter and Glycerin for beautiful, dewy skin and a relaxed spirit.

205g/ 7.2oz.

Shen Recommends: Work into a rich lather.  Rinse with warm water

First cultivated in East Asia, Oriental Gardenia enchants the senses with an irresistible symphony of sweet creamy white petals, crisp green leaves and luscious stems.

Created with a blend of Cabreuva and Cedarwood essential oils.

Naturally dries in different shades of light pink.

NO parabens

NO colorants

NO silicones

NO titanium dioxide

NO EDTA, NO tallow

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