Nature Of Things

Reparative Facial Moisturizer


This uniquely replenishing formula hydrates and repairs, melting deep into the layers of the skin to target environmental damage and inflammation on a cellular level.

Powerful bioactive plant oils including mangosteen fruit, moringa seed, and copaiba tree resin restore moisture levels while working to stabilize skin cells and support turnover. Natural humectants hyaluronic acid and tremella mushroom extract quench dryness. Nourished from the inside out, skin looks visibly firmer, plumper and brighter. Tinged with a citrusy, floral scent, this silky, lightweight formula is suitable for all complexion types and designed for daily use.


Pump a pearl-sized amount into the palm of your hands. Apply onto face and neck using upward strokes until product completely absorbed.


Use twice daily, after Clarifying Facial Polish and Balancing Facial Essence.


Hydrate and nourish
Plump fine lines and wrinkles Promote cell turnover
Improve firmness and elasticity Stimulate collagen

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