Heretic Parfum

Pretty Dirty Duo

A playful 2-in-1 fragrance designed for layering, versatility, and individuality, Pretty/Dirty can be worn separately or in tandem. Pretty uses only top and heart notes so there is a sheerness to it—it's a fresh and citrusy mix of bergamot, orange peel, and sweet dripping orange blossoms with a hint of mate tea. Dirty is built with traces of a heart chord and a brazen base chord, where mysterious herbal elements of myrrh, wormwood and styrax combine with woody notes of oud and cedar to form a seductive blend that will last all night. Each is extraordinary on its own, but when Pretty meets Dirty, the real alchemy happens. It's a black leather corset under an airy summer dress, a little Dirty under your Pretty, because perfume should reflect us in all our moods and layers.
Made with 100% naturally-derived ingredients.

Fragrance ingredients/notes:
PRETTY: bergamot, neroli, bitter orange peel, mate tea
DIRTY: myrrh, styrax, cedarwood, agarwood (oud), wormwood

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