Joanna Vargas

Supernova Serum

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Product Description


Supernova Serum is a powerful yet skin-soothing treatment to quickly reveal younger looking skin. Healing ingredients such as Vitamin A, Fatty Acids, and Chamomile will help soothe and condition on contact. This is the most effective treatment in the Joanna Vargas high-performance skin care collection to quickly transform the skin to achieve a youthful, lasting glow.


Key Ingredients:

APPLE FRUIT CELL CULTURE EXTRACT - Age-defying skin enrichment.

SUMMER SNOWFLAKE FLOWER EXTRACT - Antioxidant that delivers a brighter look.

PERSIAN SILK TREE EXTRACT - Helps prevent the appearance of aging with a rejuvenating glow.

PALMITOYL OLIGOPEPTIDE - A retinol alternative without traditional retinol side effects.

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