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Lip Therapy Restoring Lip Treatment



Boost, hydrate and condition your lips! Dr. Goldfaden’s antioxidant-rich, concentrated treatment nourishes and revitalizes with an enriched blend of powerful moisturizers and a multi-active peptide complex.

Your lips are unlike any other skin on your body. For starters, “The skin of the lips is extremely thin and has no real protective barrier,” explains Dr. Goldfaden. “The lips also do not have oil glands, which makes them especially susceptible to becoming dehydrated which means factors like wind, temperature and ultraviolet light, can affect the health of the lips and cause them to dry out quickly.” But even more importantly, with nearly constant movement including talking, eating, drinking and smiling our lips are more vulnerable to damage and need an added layer of protection and treatment.

Applying an average lip balm can feel satisfying in the moment, but it’s important to improve the health of your lips in the long term. The new Goldfaden MD Lip Therapy Restoring Lip Treatment is infused with protecting and nourishing ingredients that never draw moisture from the skin, instead restoring it and sealing it in, to smooth the appearance of fine lines for long term results, giving you a renewed, softer, fuller appearance.

The powerful formula combines Sea Buckthorn Oil and Goldfaden MD’s proprietary, multi-active Peptide Complex to increase hydration and firmness, strengthen the skin’s barrier and define the contours of the lips. A blend of antioxidants in Vitamin E and Borage Oil work to protect the lips from environmental aggressors while Fruit Berry Wax soothes and calms irritation and inflammation.

Apply the treatment throughout the day to hydrate and revitalize dry, flakey lips for a softer, smoother, and fuller appearance.


The data below has been collected using Lip Therapy for 14 days daily on 53 participants.

  • 94% agreed that their lips were instantly hydrated
  • 89% agreed that their lips looked smoother
  • 85% agreed that lips feel baby soft
  • 83% agreed that lips look healthier

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