Joanna Vargas

Ritual Brush


Why Shen Loves it:  Joanna Vargas’s Ritual Brush is key in helping skin attain its best glow, through invigorating the lymphatic system – it’s in charge of both the delivery of nutrients and carrying away waste from skin cells all over the body. Everyone needs an extra boost in their morning ritual to help stimulate the lymphatic system and circulation, enhance collagen production and exfoliate gently every day. Use this brush on dry skin before cleansing to activate and glow.

237 Grams

Shen Recommends: Use daily on dry skin before bathing. Begin at your toes, and brush using long sweeping movements towards the heart, followed by brushing from fingertips inwards. Spend extra time on areas prone to cellulite. Always brush towards the heart to stimulate circulation.

Wash bristles in warm soapy water once a week. Dry in a well ventilated area, with bristles facing down.


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