Roll On Perfume


Why Shen Loves It:  Believing that the right combination of fragrant notes can ignite the most “fabulous” smell on every woman, ILARY combines a delicate balance of oils and light floral notes to create a sweet, yet sexy, clean scent that delightfully envelopes the senses. Designed in a beautiful emerald and gold bottle with a convenient roller-ball applicator, the fragrance is packaged in a small gold satin bag that fits perfectly into even the smallest handbag or clutch. ILARY intoxicates as a daily signature scent in a convenient on-the-go package. MAGIC!

0.35 oz

When Ilary's creator, Hillary Schneider first moved to New York City from the Midwest she aspired to find what every post-graduate, twenty-something seeks: fun, new friends, her own identity and just maybe…love. It quickly became clear she needed an edge in this ultra-competitive world of New York City dating. She embarked on a quest to create her own personal "Love Potion Number Nine.”

ILARY is the opus of Hillary’s quest to create that elusive scent. ILARY has cast a spell on millions of women — and men — around the world and the unique blend of oils gives ILARY a slightly varied yet equally intoxicating aura on each woman who wears it.

Hillary was stopped in shops, restaurants, and even on the street with inquiries about her seductive fragrance. Approached outside a downtown restaurant one evening, an attractive, fellow diner remarked, with what she likes to believe was complete sincerity, “I could fall in love with a woman who smells as beautiful as you…”

Hillary and the attractive stranger were married in July 2009. Hillary continues to wear her timeless scent. Though she is no longer looking for that special guy, getting your daily dose of special attention from men all over the world is something that never gets old.



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