HYPERFADE™ Dark Spot Micro dart Patch


A microdart zit patch built to visibly lighten and brighten the appearance of dark spots.

So your zit is gone. Excellent! But what about the dark spot it left behind? Clearing a breakout is just the beginning. Oftentimes, what remains is a dark spot, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation. Time resolves these, eventually—but who wants to wait? HYPERFADE lightens and brightens dark spots, fast, by depositing potent ingredients at the source of the drama.

Each HYPERFADE patch is layered with 24 microdarts that contain lightening and brightening ingredients. These microdarts dissolve beneath the uppermost skin layer to
deliver ingredients deeply.

These ingredients help to lighten and brighten the appearance of dark spots without causing irritation.


+ Hyaluronic Acid
+ Niacinimide
+ Arbutin
+ Macadamia Seed Oil
+ Kojic Acid
+ Ascorbic Acid
+ Licorice Root Extract
+ Tranexamic Acid
+ Citric Acid


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