Pubic Hair Oil


Why Shen Loves It: Fur Oil’s unique blend of lightweight oils softens pubic hair and clears pores for fewer ingrowns and healthier skin. The 100% natural formula is gently antiseptic, antimicrobial, and reduces inflammation. Fur Oil can be used as frequently as desired to enhance pubic hair and skin, and is also suitable for use on the face and body.

2.5 fl oz

Shen Recommends:  Apply Fur Oil liberally to clean pubic hair and skin. For best results use as part of a daily regimen. 

Ingredients: Grape seed and jojoba oils which are dry touch oils that contain vitamins A and E to soften and condition pubic hair. Tea tree oil Antimicrobial to help clear pores and minimize ingrowns. Clary sage seed oil contains healing properties to soothe and reduce inflammation for healthier skin over time.

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