Focus Botanical Concentrate


The Evolution of Ancient Botanicals

Tomen harnesses the power of plant-based healing traditions to create functional botanical concentrates that balance and restore our natural rhythms.

Our six proprietary formulas were developed by working with masters in traditional Chinese medicine, integrative wellness, western herbology and botany. Designed to be great tasting, powerful healing tonics that are potent, efficacious and pure.



White Sage

Inspired by fire’s power to hypnotize, this formula taps into ancient recipes designed to heighten cognition, boost memory recall and tune out that which does not serve us.


Supports mental focus and centered calmness

Strengthens and optimizes the nervous system

Relieves tension immediately upon use


Organic White Sage Leaves

Organic Milky Oat Seed

Organic Lion’s Mane

Organic Bacopa Leaves

Organic Rosemary Leaves

Organic Gotu Kola


30 servings/bottle

We are committed to seeking the world’s most pure and powerful plants while simultaneously respecting their natural temples and rhythms. Certified-organic or sustainably and ethically wild-harvested, Tomen offers full traceability on all ingredients.

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