Face & Neck Exfoliator For Bearded Men


A simple way to nudge ingrown hair to the surface is to exfoliate
the skin. Use the Dermasuri Face and Neck Exfoliator to scrub
and tease out any stubborn ingrown hairs. Deep exfoliation
removes dead skin cells, oils, and dirt, that could be trapping
the hair under the surface.

By exfoliating before you shave, the hair roots are loosened
and your will notice that it is easier to shave without pressing
too hard against your skin. Ingrown hairs can often become
infected, with a build up of oil and skin cell debris. You can
exfoliate ingrown hairs, which will help keep infection at bay.


+ Made with a unique fabric texture, the mitt removes
surface layers of build up and dead skin instantly on
face, neck, and under the beard

+ Suits every skin type
+ Leaves your skin perfectly prepped to absorb
nourishing moisturizers
+ Perfect for your daily beauty regimen, travel or to the gym


Materials: 88% viscose, 10% sponge, 2% polyester

Caution: Do not use on irritated, broken or damaged skin. Do not use near eyes or
delicate parts of the face. Not recommended for use on infants or children.
Additional Product Information: Rinse thoroughly after each use and hang to air dry. Replace every 4-6 months.

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