Eye Candy Set


3 full size products for fluffy lashes, feathery brows + lit up eyes. Includes LIMITED EDITION 10 Second Eyelight, exclusively available in this set. 

Perfect for a quick everyday eye or to top off a full-on look. Super clean, super giftable, and improves the health of lashes, brows, and lids with every swipe.

Set Includes

  • Air Brow in Clear
  • 10-Second Eye Light in Strobe
  • The Big Clean Mascara

How To Use

1. Swipe eyeshadow on lid and blend upwards—one eye at a time. Layer for more pop.

2. Brush brow gel upwards to lift and lock your brows in place. Use the flat side to fluff and the tapered point for precision.

3. Press the mascara brush into the base of your lashes and wiggle it upward, with the curve of the brush following the natural curve of your eye.

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