Exfoliating Scalp Treatment


Why is a Healthy Scalp Important? This is the question most of us are wondering

Our scalp is an incredibly complex ecosystem of hair, skin, oil, and natural ora, and similar to the skin on our face, it is a catchall for accumulated dirt, sebum, and product debris. It’s also the critical starting point for every hair we grow. Make superior scalp health part of your nightly routine and wake up to healthier hair day after day. Virtue's revolutionary and proprietary protein, Alpha Keratin 60ku®, combined with highly potent, nutrient-rich ingredients work together to give your scalp the freedom to do what it does best— grow healthy, vibrant, youthful hair.


EXFOLIATING SCALP TREATMENT A light, dual-action whipped crème that detoxes scalp of build-up and impurities while providing residue-free hair conditioning and scalp balancing. Virtue® Exfoliating Scalp Treatment gently sloughs o dead skin cells, balances, and conditions without adding residue. Rice beads and fruit enzymes provide dual-action exfoliation; Kalahari melon oil and jojoba oil provide moisture balance; and Alpha Keratin 60ku® repairs hair with each use.


  • All hair and scalp types. 
  • Safe for color-treated and chemically treated hair.

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