Fleur Marche

Energy, Plz.



Let’s get some pep in your step. Wake up, get focused, or turn it up a notch with this powerful blend of B12.


A caffeine-free burst of energy that gets you pumped for the day.


How to use:

Peel it, set it and forget it. Patches are most effective when applied to your vein-y parts (we prefer the inner forearm). May be worn for up to 12 hours.


Fleur Marche Standards:


We vet every product on the site by requiring a thorough list of extract and product tests, Certificates of Analysis, and information on where the products are manufactured.



We’ve worked hard to provide clarity on the information you want and need to know before making a purchase. We give you all the information we have about every product. If we don’t know something, we’ll tell you that too.



We’ve done the research, asked the hard questions, tested the products, and chosen only the best of the best. We only sell products that we’re excited to use on ourselves.

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