Effortless Collection Lashes

Our iconic no trim, no measure lash collection. Just glue and go!

6 different style options

No trim, beautiful lashes

Natural lash look

Easy to apply!


Effortless Collection Lashes

No Drama

Lash Shapes

  • For Real Though?: rounded shape, naturally crisscrossed, and whispie
  • No Drama: flared shape, clustered, and whispie
  • Short & Sweet: subtle flare and extremely natural volume
  • Would I Lie?: flared shape, naturally crisscrossed, and whispie

How To Use

Applying Effortless Lashes: Velour Effortless Collection can be worn with or without mascara applied to natural lashes. If wearing mascara, apply to your natural lashes first and allow to dry. Gently lift the outer corner of the lash band to remove the lash from the tray. To avoid any damage to the lash, do not pull directly on the hairs. Apply a thin layer of Velour Lash Adhesive (sold separately) to the lash and wait 30 seconds.

You may also use Velour Lash & Go - Eyeliner and Lash Adhesive Hybrid (sold separately) and apply from the inner to outer corner along upper lash line. Using the tweezer side of the Too Easy Lash Applicator (sold separately), apply the lash to the outer three-quarters of the eye. Blend natural and Effortless lashes together using the comb side of the applicator.

Removing Velour False Lashes: Gently grasp the outer corner of the Velour false eyelash band, and lift from the outer eye corner to inner eye corner. Replace the lash back in its original position in the lash tray. To maintain the longevity of your Velour lashes, Velour recommends keeping them stored in a closed Velour lash case. Velour recommends gently peeling away lash adhesive buildup on the lash band after three to five uses.

Precautions: To maintain lash shape and strength, do not wash or soak your Velour lashes in any liquid, including alcohol, makeup remover, or soap and water.

Key Ingredients

Synthetic Silk
Cotton-thread band