Heretic Parfum

Dirty Lavender


Lavender absolute is muddled with bitter orange oil and neroli blossoms, sacred palo santo, grassy vetiver and velvety sandalwood in this verdant and magical elixir.

Don't get it twisted, this is not your mama's lavender... The fragrance is perfect for someone who doesn't want a "perfume-y" fragrance. It's incredibly neutral, grounding and fresh, perfectly balancing the masculine and feminine with its bright citruses, crushed herbs, grasses, and wood notes.


Lavender has a long and celebrated history for its calming and relaxing aspects. DIRTY LAVENDER is an elixir that combines the mood-elevating properties of bitter orange oil and neroli with the calming aspects of lavender, hemp derived, and the grounding qualities of vetiver, sandalwood, and palo santo. This functional fragrance helps chase away the blues and alleviate both tension and stress. Apply morning, noon or night to leave you feeling centered and relaxed, or try applying before bed or spraying your pillow and sheets for a great night's rest.

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