Heretic Parfum

Dirty Fig


100% Natural Eau de Parfum


In the world of all natural perfumery, the scent of a fig is one of the most elusive to capture. By industry standard, it's generally created with synthetic materials that are often rife with hormone-disrupting chemicals that mimic this alluring fruit. But we don't compromise when it comes to clean beauty. We have concocted an artisanal blend of naturally-derived ingredients that elicit the scent of the seductive fig with a decadent perfume cocktail. Built with top notes of bitter grapefruit, Italian bergamot and sweet, soothing geranium, woven with voluptuous heart chords of soft damask rose and velvety black currants, then served to you ripe on a bed of red raspberries. It’s a fiercely tempting fragrance of pink fleshy figs, rich berries and succulent fruits. A dessert far too enticing to pass up, an indulgence way too sweet to deny. Made with 100% naturally-derived materials blended in organic sugarcane alcohol.

TOP: grapefruit, bergamot, geranium

HEART: rose damascena, black currant

BASE: raspberry

size: 15ml, 50ml


This fragrance contains 100% natural essential oils and/or naturally derived materials as defined by ISO standard 9235 aromatic natural raw materials vocabulary.

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