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Made of medical grade steel and a magnetic heart that boasts a lifetime charge, the Cryodrop gives you an at-home "Cryo Facial” for instantly refreshed skin. Using the power of cold therapy, massage, and diamagnetic technology, this ergonomic tool safely and gently tightens the look of skin while improving the penetration of skincare.

What’s Included:
1 medical grade steel tool with lifetime magnetic charge and pouch for storage.
The SiO Cryodrop is designed to work best in tandem with the SiO Energy Serum. The serum has diamagnetic properties that absorb deep into the skin by propelling from the Cryodrop. The Cryodrop can be used with ANY cream or serum you choose for massage and cooling purposes, but will have the deepest absorption and strongest results from the diamagnetic action with the SiO Energy Serum.

How it works:
Cryo Technology - The cold from the medical grade steel (and SiO Energy Serum) minimizes puffiness, reduces the appearance of pores, redness, and “wakes up” skin. Place your tool in the fridge to maximize cold effect.
Facial Massage - By utilizing the facial massage techniques below, the Cryodrop can increase skin circulation and relax facial muscles. Simultaneously, the cold touch and gentle massage pushes out toxins and visibly sculpts the skin.
Diamagnetic Action - The “micropores” on the tool's surface help create diamagnetic action which improves the absorption of skincare. Specifically if using the SiO Energy Serum, the positively charged diamagnetic heart of the tool delivers the key ingredients deep into the skin’s dermis by propelling the positive ions of the serum into the negative ions of the skin. 

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