Cassis Mirrored Manta Hair brush


Our beloved fan favorite brush now in a new Color with a mirror.

Made with a flexible pad, easy-grip handle, and 360-degree rotating bristles, this detangling and smoothing brush has completely transformed our hair — in fact, we were so blown away by it that we knew we had to get this British brand over here. This thing has won pretty much every beauty award in the U.K. and for good reason — it's fabulous. And, now you can find it on this side of the pond, only at Shen.

The brush was designed by hairdresser Tim Binnington after his wife, who went through chemo treatment. He saw how hard it was for her to brush her hair because of how fragile and easily broken the strands were, so wanted to create something that detangled, but was so gentle it felt like you were just running your fingers through your hair. It's meant to fit in the palm of your hand and it flexes and curves around your head, rather than pulling and dragging your hair down.

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