Lola James Harper

Candle Scents of Inspiring Places


Collection of 19 candles that talk about inspiring places around the world...
Vinyl stores, Music Studios, Galleries, Homes, Movie Theaters, Fun Fairs… Places we visited and that changed us...

We are so proud to have the Mythical Colette Concept Store scent in our collection since 2018...

Our candles are made in France, using the finest ingredients & materials, all our dreams and designs are forged on the road around the world...
Our wax is a mix of mineral, sunflower and coco wax. Cotton wick. No animal derived ingredients Meeting IFRA Standards + Washington Convention / C.I.T.I.E.S Standards


7 The Rainy Days in Lake District. MYRRH/LABDANUM/YLANG. The Lake District is north of Lancaster/ UK, an evergreen land, with a permanent grey sky and huge open fields… We went to walk for a few days there… The best place to write a novel or words for songs!!!!!

Natural Ingredients and Origins : 
  • Ylang Ylang – Madagascar / Comoros
  • Tuberose - India
  • Styrax - Honduras
  • Red Thym – Spain
  • Incense – Somalia
  • Nutmeg –India
  • Black Pepper – India
  • Galbanum – Iran
  • Balkans Juniper – Macedonia / Serbia


11 The Coffee Shop of JP. SANDALWOOD/COFFEE/SPICE. The coffee shop of Jp is in Paris… We meet there every Saturday morning after a basket ball game on the street court in Martin Luther King Park…to drink coffee and decide what to do next in our projects…

Natural Ingredients and Origins :
  • Mugwort - Marocco
  • Cardamom - Guatemala
  • Cinnamon – Madagascar / Sri Lanka
  • Clary Sage - France
  • Lavender - France
  • Mate – Brazil

14 The Surf Shop of Stephane. TUBEROSE/MONOÏ. Stephane is our surfer designer friend… He created the Groundsurf and so many things for skate and ride… His place is stunning filled with wood and wax fragrances…

Natural Ingredients and Origins : 
  • Orange - Brazil
  • Tuberose - India

2 The Music Studio on Trufo Street. CASHMERAN/ROSE/MUSK. The Trufo Studio is a music recording studio in Paris where we worked all our albums… Those of Ulona Hooman, Karima Adams, Call Box, Casual Fly and recently Billy Hell… The studio is at the top floor (fifth floor) of an old Parisian building built in 1870… It is just under the roof of the building so we can still see the old oak beams… The place is filled with African and oriental percussions, with a silver drum kit, and a load of electric and acoustic guitars… We love this place to create, compose and write songs… We recorded there a lot of demos…

Natural Ingredients and Origins :
  • Amyris - West indies
  • Texas Cedar - USA
  • Rose - Turkey
  • Orris - Italia
  • Incense – Somalia

3 The Bomboneria in Barcelona. AMBER/INCENSE. We went to Barcelona 2 years ago and every day at 4PM we use to go in Bomboneria’s to have a tea time break…Barcelona is filled with those great little places full of cakes, candies and ice creams… always really old shops with antique furniture like a sweet pharmacy… An amazing smell of amber and incense…

Natural Ingredients and Origins :
  • Amyris – West indies
  • Texas Cedar – USA
  • Coriander - India
  • Sandal Wood – Australia
  • Vanilla  - Madagascar
  • Labdanum – Spain

The White Coffee on Teta Balcony. ORANGE BLOSSOM/HONEY. Teta is a dear friend… We gather often at her place to talk, chat, think about our projects… She always serves us an oriental beverage that is called « white coffee » and that is actually natural orange blossom with honey and hot water… Believe me, great beverage to relax and think right….

Natural Ingredients and Origins :

  • Texas Cedar - USA
  • Petitgrain - Paraguay
  • Orange Blossom - Tunisia
  • Mandarin - Italia

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