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Burn Book Papers


American legislation burns thousands of citizens a year. Here's your chance to burn it back. The Burn Book is an educational product and wealth redistribution tool produced by Field Trip Rolling Papers. Profits from the books will be donated through direct partnerships with the Last Prisoner Project and other organizations fighting to restore civil liberties. Learn more about these efforts at -12 printed rolling papers and 12 tips -100 percent organic vegetable based ink -Organic arabic gum adhesive strip -Natural rice paper

Help us set the war on drugs aflame--50% of sales from each pack sold will be donated to The Last Prisoner Project.

How To Use

Roll up and enjoy! Due to the organic nature of the adhesive, we always recommend an extra lick on the outside once your j is rolled.

Key Ingredients

Organic Vegetable based inks, organic arabic gum adhesive, organic rice paper formulated without animal byproducts 

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