L'or de Seraphine



L’or de Seraphine’s Monroe candle warms any home with its golden color of autumnal foliage inspired Monroe in the Hudson Valley.

Infused with essential oils, and featuring notes of sandalwood, vanilla, amber and musk, Fragrance No. 03 is woody and familiar. The sultry notes of sandalwood float above rich vanilla and amber, perfuming the air and creating an irresistible and comforting aroma.

How to use:

- Remove all packaging before lighting.
- Place on a heat resistant surface.

Key ingredients: Ceramic Vessels; RSPO certified Palm Wax; Fragrance and Essential Oils

Free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates

- Keep candles away from curtains or anything that could burn. Keep in mind that curtains or other objects can move, never burn a candle where there is a draft.
- Do not drop matches or other flammable items into the candle.
- Always keep candles in sight when in use and keep away from children and pets.
- Never move a burning candle. Allow the wax to cool and solidify before moving the candle.

Fragrance: Sandalwood & Amber

6.4oz 45hr burn time

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