Smelling Salt


Why Shen Loves it: All of us have a different day to day, naturally... Whether it be a subway commute in the morning, a public play ground with your child, a dog park with your best friend or if you’re a frequent flyer. VOLAR Smelling salts offer you the opportunity to take in the sights and enhance your experience using naturally sourced essential oils to make every moment pleasant. Smelling Salts use the naturally antiviral oils to clear your senses and ward off uninvited germs and energy. Simply uncork, stir and breathe in our intoxicating blends.

.20 oz 

Shen Recommends: Uncork, stir, and inhale to clear your mind and awaken your senses. 


Organic Himalayan pink salt
Organic spruce oil
Organic lemongrass oil
Organic patchouli oil
Organic lavender oil

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