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Sculpt and Lift Facial Tool


Why Shen Loves it: Stimulate, re-energize, and de-stress your facial muscles for a more plumped, vibrant appearance. Facial massage on clean skin helps achieve a healthy glow and smoother overall complexion. Use in combination with your favorite skincare for optimal results and a youthful contour by smoothing in an upward motion along chin.

Shen Recommends: Working in repetitive upward movements, massage Shen's Sculpt and Lift Facial Tool onto clean, moisturized skin. We recommend adjusting the position of the tool to help smooth lines while de-stressing the different areas of the face and down the neck.

Material: Zamac

approximate net weight 94.2g


"We wanted to create a tool that could be used and enjoyed with any of Shen's incredible beauty products"  -Jessica Richards, Shen Beauty Owner and Founder 

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