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Effective toners to restore pH, tighten pores, firm and refresh, and minimize premature aging. Explore luxury toners and hydrating face mist.

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Put your pores first with SHEN Beauty's gallery of face-focused products including hydrating facial mist to luxury skincare toner. Discover a range of all-natural sprays, clarifiers, and toners to bring your skin to its full potential. Use a hydrating & lifting beauty toner to revitalize sensitive skin and retain moisture while assisting with better, healthier absorption; boost your overnight routine with an onboard hydrating face mist meant to soothe skin & repair damage while resting for the next day's adventure. Lessen the effects of environmental stressors with preparatory options like a spritz or mist built to target & reduce inflammation, lessening the effects of irritation or redness. Restore your skin's health & shimmer with a rose tonic or alcohol-free toner to help maintain the shine you want with ingredients your skin needs. Boost natural barriers & lightly wash away imperfections with an exfoliating toner or naturally-sourced active treatment essence. During warm, sunny months, SHEN Beauty aims to help keep skin glowing and light: finding the perfect luxury beauty toner, hydration mist, or spray can help boost your skin to its best & brightest without oily, over-saturated products or harsh exfoliants.