Luxury & Cruelty Free Makeup Removers

Gentle makeup removers to cleanse, balance, nourish, and lift away tough residue. Shop luxury and cruelty free makeup removers.

Shop vegan, cruelty-free, luxury makeup remover that puts care first, always; from the formulation stage to the application process, SHEN Beauty aims to reduce damage in a multifaceted approach to skincare, makeup remover, and helping customers feel & look their best. From wipes to cleansers, to micellar waters or foams, this collection provides your skin with the best treatment after a long day of work, adventure, errands, or relaxation. Use a foaming gel cleanser implementing fruit extracts to detoxify & purify, leaving skin feeling refreshed and vibrant; or let a melting cleansing balm nourish your skin while cleaning it with an oil-infused formula to uphold your skin's natural moisture barrier. The plant-based face bath cleanser is a great way to remove dead skin & impurities in a universal cleanser built for all skin types, while the superberry dream balm dissolves makeup, dirt, & oil in a unique blend made for use with any skin. For customers with sensitive skin, a dermatological micellar water is offered to reduce redness & irritation from harsh cleansing, and is available in large & small sizes. Use a superfood cleanser rich in kale, tea, alfalfa, & vitamins to clean your skin the right way in a vegan & cruelty-free option. Remove makeup and cleanse your face with products that focus on taking care of skin the right way.