Fur Trimmer


Fur has always celebrated all body hair expressions with products that  help you take care, no matter what your routine is. With the launch of  their first-ever Trimmer, which we all know we need, now you express yourself as you like. 

Introducing the Fur Trimmer: for trimming hair or shaving bare.  This cordless, water-resistant Trimmer has four trimmer lengths, and a  unique 3-blade system that trims or shaves in one motion, making your  grooming routine faster and utterly razor burn-proof. It’s the first of its  kind crafted with best-in-class quality, reimagined for all bodies in mind. 


1 Trimmer, 3 Trimmer guides, charging base, USB charging cable, charging adapter, and storage bag. 


To start, choose between four lengths—you can trim without a guide on and shave hair completely bare, or choose between  short (1 mm), medium (2.5 mm), and long (5 mm) guide lengths.  The Trimmer can be used wet or dry, with or without shave cream,  and can be safely used anywhere from head to toe, such as the  face, pubic area, chest, legs, armpits, and arms. Shave or trim to  your desired length, then rinse the Trimmer head and guide once you’re done. For best results, follow up with your favorite Fur products to keep those pesky in-grown hairs at bay.

What Makes It Different:


With its high-speed  trim system & rounded  blades that don’t nick,  you can safely shave  completely bare and  leave razor burn in  the dust.


It’s perfect for use in  or out of the shower,  and with or without  shave cream.


Just place it in its base  and it automatically  charges, giving you 60  minutes of usage per  charge.


Rechargeable, quiet, and  high speed at 200 cuts per  second, it’s powerful enough  to trim or shave in one smooth  motion.


Powerful and illuminating,  the spotlight positioned at  the Trimmer’s head means  better precision when trimming harder-to-reach  areas.

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