The Luxuriate

Candle Holder

$110 $129

White Marble Candle Holder: 

A luxurious white and distinctive grey veined marble sourced from the most prestigious quarries in Carrara, Italy.


Pink Onyx Candle Holder: 

A rare and delicate stone with beautiful translucent pink layers.


White Onyx Candle Holder: 

Luminous and bright, this stone has an almost lunar glow.


Natural Onyx Candle Holder: 

A raw and unpolished stone with earthy tones of ivory and natural brown streaks.


Green Onyx Candle Holder: 

Filled with translucent waves of vivid green and golden brown veins.


Black Marble Candle Holder: 

A brilliant and intense black colored marble with a striking contrast of luminous white veins.

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