Costa Brazil

Limited Edition Breu


Why Shen Loves it:  Your spirit. Your earth. Let this purifying aroma lift your mind, body and spirit. Used for centuries as a smudging ritual to balance the 6th chakra and enhance peace of mind and focus, this elusive fragrant resin grows in the jungles of Brazil and is revered for its aromatherapy benefits. The complex woodsy aroma of rich earth and crushed leaves purifies energy and reinstates harmony to a room’s ambience.

4.9 oz

Shen Recommends: For maximum results, burn the Breu resin on the enclosed handcrafted ceramic tray, or other safe heat-resistant surface of your choice. Light the tip of the resin and then gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning. The resin should emit a dark fragrant smoke.

Ingredients: Breu resin 

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