Dr. Barbara Sturm

Drops Discovery Set


Why Shen Loves it: The Drops Discovery Set is perfect for traveling, for gifting or for those who are new to the brand. It includes an exciting trio of the brand's captivating drop products, each of which focuses on a different skin need and is enriched with special anti-aging powers. This set comes with: Glow Drops (10 ml) Anti-Pollution Drops (10 ml) Sun Drops (10 ml)

Glow Drops make tired, dull skin glow again and also smooth out irregularities in the complexion. Anti-Pollution Drops support the skin's own protection against urban environmental influences and lend it valuable moisture. Sun Drops offer intensive sun protection (SPF 50) by utilizing a balanced combination of UVA and UVB filters. All of Dr. Sturm Drops can be mixed with another favorite Dr. Sturm cream or serum or can be applied directly to the skin.

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