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Face Tight


Defining your skin’s future with the highly anticipated new launch Face Tight. Your skin’s new, must-have cosmeceutical treatment for instant tightening and an injection of glow. Face Tight is a blend of Skin Design London’s cutting edge, anti-ageing triple hexapeptide technology fused with high-yield actives boosting resilience in skin that’s tired, lacks moisture and other nutrients. High molecular weight proteins address fine lines and sluggish skin by improving skin surface quality and assist in tightening skin for long-term sustained efficacy.

“The future is intensive skincare that delivers results. I design products for immediate efficacy and investment in your skin’s quality and health. The formulation design process for Face Tight is to elevate your skin and routine to the next phase. Daily treatments without the downtime. Your skin will be fed an injection of three powerful peptides that tighten skin. Its designed to be used with your core clinical active routine, the C V H A R serum edit. Suitable for all skin types. In a saturated, trend lead market our USP is understanding what skin needs and focusing on quality not quantity, only launch what skin needs.” CEO & Founder Fatma Shaheen

Face Tight key active ingredients:

Seasaflash: Promotes instant skin-tightening and intense moisture. Hydrating and line-filling molecules form an invisible micro-matrix, smoothing
wrinkles. Inyline: Aids in muscle relaxation, treating expression wrinkles by decreasing line depth and promoting a smoother skin surface.

Argaessential: Clinically proven to plump and firm cheeks and lips. Boosts collagen to densify the dermis and firm skin. Sustainably-sourced argan pulp
from women-run co-operatives in Morocco. Ultra filling spheresTM 20% more water-filling spheres than hyaluronic acid penetrate the epidermis,
smoothing out wrinkles and leaving an elastic skin surface with long-lasting hydration

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