Pure Lift

PureLift® FACE non-invasive FaceLift


PureLift® is the premier FDA cleared non-invasive facial elevation and sculpting tool on the market. With patented muscle stimulation it deeply activates and elevates your facial muscles, giving you the appearance of a fuller, more youthful face in just 10 minutes.

Your face has tens of thousands of small muscle fibers that, over time, become weak and lose their elasticity but PureLift will help train them for a fresher and youthful look. 

The secret of Purelift® : Non-Invasive FaceLift
PureLift® uses its patented Triple-Wave Technology, the first wave (low frequency) has an anesthetic effect, the second wave (mid frequency) works in the dermis layer, and the third wave (high frequency) reaches deep to the facial muscles. The pulses are randomized, which means the muscles can never adapt—they have to keep working, which is what brings you results.

PureLift® FACE is perfect for personal, daily use

1 year Warranty provided at time of purchase. Does not cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications or cover batteries that wear out from normal use.

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