Patchouli & Vanilla Intoxicating Body Wash


Why Shen Loves it: Purify…Refresh…Stimulate your skin. Luxuriate in the aromatherapeutic qualities of distilled Patchouli and Vanilla Oil extracts. Stimulate the senses.

13.52 fl. oz/400ml

Shen Recommends: Apply onto loofah or directly onto the body, massage to lather, and rinse off. This wash does not separate and a little goes a long way. Follow with Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion of choice. Dermatologically Tested.

Featured Ingredient: Organic Patchouli 

This distilled oil, with its naturally intoxicating fragrance, calms the spirit and enhances the senses to reduce stress and tension that can aggravate the skin. Patchouli gently moisturizes and adds vitality the skin.

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