This Pleasure Serum is What Your Sex Life Has Been Missing

The Interview May 18, 2021

This Pleasure Serum is What Your Sex Life Has Been Missing

It's not very often I come across those lightning bolt products, the products that are rooted in science, do what they say, and solve a problem that not one person has adequately addressed. And yet, here I am, 11 years after opening the doors at Shen, shouting from the rooftops about Vella.


A friend introduced me to the product, a topical serum designed to be applied to your vagina prior to sex to help stimulate arousal and boost the intensity of your orgasms. When it comes to sex or self pleasure, I am certainly not one to shy away from enhancing either experience, so here's the raw deal about Vella.  


I am committed to clean beauty more than anyone, but I believe everything has to be rooted in science. Vella was created by Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan whose research led to the launch of Viagra! Yes you read that right...Viagra! Dr. Padma-Nathan figured out that the most important step of arousal happens when smooth muscles of your vaginal wall relax, making you ready for sex or solo play. When applied directly to the clitoris and outer labia, Vella initiates that relaxation with a pure, nano-encapsulated CBD molecule specifically designed and scientifically proven to be delivered directly into the vaginal tissues, where it immediately goes to work relaxing that smooth muscle in the vaginal wall. This will stimulate arousal and lead to a more intense orgasm, which is something every woman can appreciate.


I mean lets face it — women have a much harder time achieving orgasm than men and as we age, have kids and move through different stages of life, it can become progressively more difficult to "get wet," "get excited," "get ..." whatever you want to coin your "get." This is where Vella comes in. I can promise you from my own experience nothing like this has worked like Vella — and I have tried pretty much every sex gel on the market. Vella not only does it, but it does it amazingly.

Dame Aer

Yes, I know — another CBD vaginal product sounds so cliché and "been there, tried that," but I promise you if you buy one and one only this is it! The time between application to climax is almost instantaneous and all the added benefits are well worth its weight in gold. Best of all, it's odorless, colorless, and tasteless, so it won't get in the way of any of your foreplay activities. You can use Vella with a partner or, if you are single like me, pair it with the new Aer vibrator by Dame! Just trust me on this, and I promise you will thank me later. Your neighbors, on the other hand, might not be happy with the increased volume levels coming from your bedroom. Oops.


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