Behind The Brand With Skin Design London

The Regimen March 17, 2021

Behind The Brand With Skin Design London

 We try not to judge a book by its cover (or, we guess, a skin cream by its box), but sometimes something is just so damn chic that you know it's got to be amazing. That was the case when Jess first laid eyes on Skin Design London, the luxury skin-care line from the U.K. With its heavy glass packaging and textured boxes in refined hues, it just looked like it knew what it was doing.

And it had the pedigree to back it up — founder Fatma Shaheen is one the most famous facialists on the planet and has the glowing, crystalline skin to prove it. SDL was her way to bottle her own skin magic and bring it to her clients. When Jess first met Fatma and experienced the products, she knew she'd found something special, so much so that she offered to launch the brand in the US as a Shen exclusive. 

Now SDL is a global hit with celeb fans and a rabid fan base that can't get enough of those posh brown jars and bottles and the magical formulas housed within. And for good reason: They get the job done. Whether it's tightening skin or banishing maskne, those potions and creams are legit and have some of the most beautiful and interesting textures.

We asked Fatma to sit down for this week's Behind The Brand to learn more about how SDL got its start, what makes those formulas so effective, and what we can expect from the brand in the coming months. Keep reading to learn more.
Skin Design London Cult Cremes
Brand Name: Skin Design London

Founder: Fatma Shaheen

Date Founded: March 2017

What was the inspiration for the line?
To create the perfect designer cosmeceutical actives for skin quality and health without the downtime. Skin Design London launched with a strong message by defining a new era in clinical formulations and what your skin needs. Our C, V, H, A, and R serum collection is my clinic and is how I treat skin. These products are the pillars for healthy glowing skin.

What is the Skin Design London philosophy?
Skin Design London’s unique selling point is our innovative formulation recipes, which are designed to treat myriad skin issues, yet gentle enough to soothe and protect skin. Our products have been rigorously tested by real clients and are backed by efficacy, science, and trust. We stand at the forefront of skin health and skin quality. Our dedication is to streamline your routine with products that your skin needs.

What was the first product you developed?
C Antioxidant Glow and Retinol Crème. I wanted to create the skin fundamentals, the key products to change and transform skin. As a clinic owner, my frustration was with skin care that over promised and did not work or was too aggressive and caused side effects. Most doctor brands, cosmeceuticals, or prescription skin care is confusing and lacks quality and luxury. When you look at Skin Design London, you know exactly what your skin needs. The product texture and how it makes your skin look and feel sets us apart as a skin-care brand. When we sold out of the first batch, I knew we were about to change and redefine clinical skin care.
Skin Design London Face Bath

What is your bestselling product?
C Antioxidant Glow Serum and the Retexturising Serum are the bestsellers and your skin heroes. They improve skin quality and transform the well-being of your skin. They work beautifully together and the results for pigmentation, sun damage, and fine lines are amazing. However Face Bath has fast become the new iconic product! It’s a cleansing experience. 

What's your personal favorite?
I can't choose just one! C Antioxidant Glow, because it’s a superior quality of vitamin C for daily protection against the elements. Perfect for texture, tone, sun damage, pigmentation, or if you are suffering from acne or redness — it’s for every skin type! My other hero is Retexturising Serum. Together these two products are the perfect team because they are antioxidants, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

What makes Skin Design London unique?
At Skin Design London, our success is our formulations and knowing exactly what skin needs. We’ve cut through the noise of beauty buzzwords and overhyped ingredients to produce a fine-tuned edit of luxury designer cosmeceuticals that delivers glowing, healthy skin.

What's one surprising thing people might not know about Skin Design London?
We are a clinical brand born from treating skin.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced when you launched?
Decluttering client's routines and showing them the most efficient way of treating their skin and how it leads to results. Educating clients on what skin needs to look healthy.

Fatma Shaheen

How did you know you'd made it as a brand?
When I launched at Shen! Jess has been amazing in supporting the brand and understanding our uniqueness. We also have amazing clients. The feedback I get on daily basis makes me feel so proud.

What is your proudest moment as a founder?

Three moments: The USA launch with Shen, our UK launch Fortnum & Mason, and winning GQ's Breakthrough Brand of the Year award. 

What can we expect from Skin Design London in the future? 
New products coming soon!

(We've seen them, they are amazing, and we are dying to show them to you. We promise once they hit shelves here at Shen, you'll be the first ones to know about it!)


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