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The Regimen January 06, 2022

Sio Beauty: Fashion Publicist & Model Revolutionizes Wrinkle Elimination and Prevention

Former Fashion Publicist and SiO Beauty Founder Gigi Howard noticed in only her mid-20's that wrinkles were forming on her chest, a result of sleeping in positions that manipulated and aged her skin. It was only natural that, as a beauty expert and enthusiast from her time working as a model, Gigi would seek to solve these problems of premature aging and wrinkle formation, but the options weren't out there. She couldn't find any products or solutions for this particular kind of wrinkle prevention. 

But as an adept problem solver, as all fashion publicists are, Gigi knew the possibilities of what she could create not only for herself, but for all those struggling with similar issues. With an admirable emphasis on science, efficacy, and innovation, with persistence and meticulousness, Gigi created what is now one of the most beloved, ground-breaking and effective products on the market.  

Brand name: SiO Beauty

Founder: Gigi Howard

Date founded: July 2016


What was the first product you developed, and why did you create it?

The ChestLift patch! I started getting sleep wrinkles on my chest at age 26. I would cover my chest with scarves and avoid wearing tops that exposed my chest, even in the summer. My face and chest did not match. My face looked 25 and my chest looked 10-15 years older.  I discovered medical-grade silicone through a doctor friend. After trying it, I realized I found the magic ingredient! And after 180 prototypes and 4 years of testing and development, we found the perfect shape and feel that would instantly erase wrinkles on the chest. A STAR was born.

 SiO Beauty: ChestLift

What was the inspiration for your line?

To find topical, non-invasive anti-aging alternatives to injectables.

What is your brand’s philosophy? 

Our philosophy is to produce products that are simple, and that provide real medical grade solutions that are efficient, affordable, and safe. 

What is your bestselling product, and why do you think that is?

The Facelift pack. It contains the BrowLift, NeckLift and a set of Eye & SmileLift patches. It’s a great value, contains some of our original shapes and has exactly what you need to get started with SiO.


SiO Beauty: FaceLift Pack


SiO Beauty: FaceLift Pack

What's your favorite product in your line, and why is that?

Definitely the ChestLift! That is where it all started. I cannot sleep a night without it. If I forget to put it on, my chest looks 10 years older.

What makes your brand unique?

The first time you use one of the patches you see immediate results. It’s like magic. I LOVE when our customers agree.

What's one surprising thing people might not know about your brand?

We use a medical grade silicone that’s also used in doctor’s offices. Medical grade silicone is and has been used for years to prevent scarring and heal burns. We also make our patches in a clean-room facility.

What do you want people to think of when they think of your brand?

I want people to think of accessible wrinkle prevention products that produce great results.  

SiO Beauty: BrowLift

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced when you launched?

One of the biggest challenges we faced when we launched was educating the consumer on the product. This type of product was new to the market place. It is not a mask you throw away after one use. It is a material that many of us are not familiar with. We continue to focus on education in all our marketing, and we want customers to know how easy it is to incorporate our products into their beauty routine.

How did you know you'd made it as a brand?

I knew I made it as a brand when our first-time customers came back for more.

What is your proudest moment as a founder?

My proudest moment as a founder was when I first started reading the reviews and saw that most started out with WOW, Amazing, Magic. I still have goose bumps thinking about that time. Tickles me pink knowing that me, a small-town girl from Georgia, is making people feel good inside and out. I must add it was just as special when my daddy told me how proud he was of me.


Sio Beauty: NeckLift


Sio Beauty: NeckLift

What can we expect from your brand in the future? Any exciting news you can share?

We can’t share any details just yet, but we are in the process of creating more skincare products with amazingly innovative ingredients and applications.  

Why did you decide to launch this brand?

I decided to launch this brand because I noticed that there was a lack of non-injectable wrinkle correction and prevention options. I had personal experience with chest wrinkles, and I was frustrated with the lack of options out there to solve or alleviate my concerns.

What made you want to be in the beauty industry?

I started very young in the fashion industry and learned quickly that it was not for me. I ended up in the beauty industry through my own personal skincare journey. I developed products that I believed would benefit many people, and that I wanted for myself.


Sio Beauty: Eye+SmileLift


Sio Beauty: Eye+SmileLift

What has been your biggest struggle as a founder?

To be honest, my patience. I almost gave up because I was never happy with the prototypes. I wanted the patches to look like skin and feel like skin. There were tears, frustration and my confidence was low. It was a long, long time waiting to finally touch and feel my vision. Over a 180 trials later. But it was worth it, because we came up with the perfect shape and perfect feel. Yay! What a happy day!


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