Jessica Richards Gift Guide

The Regimen December 06, 2020

The Best Holiday Beauty Gifts, According To Us

Now that December is here (how did that happen?), we've hit our favorite time of year. It's when we get to show off our finely honed gift-giving skills to surprise and delight everyone from our family to our mail carrier with our awesome presents. After all, we've spent all year testing and playing with the products on our shelves, so we know what is going to make our favorite people lose their minds when it comes time to unwrap the goods.

With that in mind, we asked the entire Shen crew to share their holiday lists for our annual staff gift guides. Read on to learn what Jess and the gang will be gifting this year.

Jess Richards Gift GuideJess, Owner & Founder

I LOVE giving gifts so much! However I’m terrible because when I see something someone would want or it reminds me of them, I buy it then and give to them immediately. I always go all out during the holidays as I love the smile on people’s faces. I love to either do beautiful expensive gift wrap with a big beautiful strand of ribbon or craft paper with really beautiful ribbon. The entire process of holidays excites me.

MBR Liquid Surgery Serum
Although it is the most expensive product we sell, it is by FAR the most effective! I will be gifting this to myself, and every friend who is truly worthy of a splurge!

Coqui Coqui Reed Diffuser
As I am trying not to burn any more candles in the immediate future (my son left one burning and almost burned the house down), I have been gravitating towards diffusers and have to say this Tabaco scent has really added a nice touch to the fragrance ambiance of my home. Plus, since everyone is spending more time at home this is one of the best gifts to send pretty much anyone to brighten up their space.

Nature of Things Restorative Floral Bath
I firmly believe that everyone needs a semi-regular bit of alone time and to find peace of mind and I find mine is in a nice warm bath. This gorgeous bath milk does double duty by subtly scenting your skin and hydrating it, which is key for those of us who like to crank up the temperature of the water (guilty).

Papers + Ink Organic Rolling Papers Kit
For those of us who partake in recreational smoking, these rolling papers do not disappoint. They're little works of art that are conversation pieces and add a little fun to the whole ritual of rolling.

Oribe Gold Lust Collection
I've always been obsessed with all things Oribe and this luxe gift set is great because not only do you actually save money with it, the box is perfect on its own — no wrapping required. And, obviously the products are amazing. The Gold Lust collection is the absolute pinnacle of the Oribe line and so rich and pampering for pretty much every hair type.

Josh Beeler Gift GuideJosh, Brow Architect

I’m a very last minute shopper, which is a vicious cycle because it sends me into a panic and, as a result, I tend to go a little overboard. Every year I swear I’m going to start earlier and have a stress-free holiday and every year I end up running around frantically trying to put together gifts. Fortunately, I work at Shen and have access to the best gifts available. 

Heretic Parfum Pistil Whip 
My father is a Trump supporter and this sums up my feelings nicely about that whole situation. 

Volar Calm Body Essence
This is a gift for my boyfriend that's also kind of for me. He can use the beautiful aromatherapy body oil to give me a calming body massage during the chaotic holiday season and maybe I'll return the favor.

Tetra Balance Pipe
This one is for my brother — he's the father of two toddlers and could probably use a little escape every night, if you know what I mean.

Haoma Calming Temple Balm
For my sister-in-law for the same reason as above. 

Fornasetti Nuvola Candle
I'm a huge fan of these candles so I'm going to splurge and give one to myself. 

Monica Gift GuideMonica, Aesthetician

I’m a total perfectionist, and that doesn’t change when I’m searching for a gift.  I usually take hours finding a single gift, and it’s a frustrating process because I never feel that it’s “just right." I try to really personalize my gifts, and make sure they match up to whoever I’m shopping for. 

Lord Jones Heavy Duty Chill Balm
I'm gifting this high CBD balm to my mom to help soothe her arthritis. She can massage it in and it will help alleviate inflammation as it softens skin.

Environ Vita-Complex Super Moisturizer
My boyfriend gets this ultra-hydrating moisturizer to help with his skin because it is drier than the Sahara.

Gossamer Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights
For my Pisces roommate, these yummy CBD gummies will go great with her chill personality.

Tetra Duo Pipe
My dad's a bit of a pothead, so I know he'll enjoy this portable, very cool-looking pipe. It's made with a special glass that doesn't conduct heat, meaning it creates a cooler, smoother smoke.

Volar Calm Smelling Salts
It's been a stressful year around here, so I'll be gifting Jess these smelling salts from Volar to help give her a few moments of calm whenever things get crazy at the shop. So, all the time.

Pedro gift guidePedro, Aesthetician

I’m the type of gift giver that goes all out for the holidays, mainly because it’s the only gift I give all year (with the exception of birthdays). I try and listen throughout the year so as to give thoughtful gifts, but at the end of the day everyone appreciates a splurge that they probably wouldn’t do on themselves. As for the look, I try and have it professionally wrapped since I am as crafty and creative at wrapping as a bling sloth.

Lashline Enhancements & Brow Microblading
I booked appointments for my mom and sister with Josh to get lashline enhancements and I also got my mom brow microblading. It makes such a big impact on the overall look of your face and I know they are going to love the final result.
Irene Forte Orange Blossom Face Oil
This gorgeous face oil is for my mom to help brighten up her sun spots from all the time she spends outdoors.

Heretic Parfum Slightly Bitter Candle
This one is for my sister, because it matches her attitude around the holidays.

Dame Kip Lipstick Vibrator
My best girlfriend is getting this bestselling vibrator to keep her in a good mood during what's sure to be a somewhat stressful, possibly lonely holiday season.

Ultimate Facial
Jess is getting this total complexion overhaul to rejuvenate her skin (and butter her up before bonus season).

Volar Sage Smudge Ritual Kit
My niece is starting to show an interest in spirituality, so I'll be giving her this smudge kit to help her along on her witchy journey into adulthood.

Supracor Stimulite Bath Mitt, Nécessaire Eucalyptus The Body Exfoliator, & Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream For Men
I'm going all out for my dad with the ultimate body scrub duo and a rich moisturizer made for men's skin — he's got skin so dehydrated it matches his dry sense of humor perfectly.

Samson Gift GuideSamson, Lead Makeup Artist

I gift throughout the year, so holiday gifting is usually a little light for me. However, this year was tough for everyone so I plan to go all out. I have a few special people in mind and I know exactly what they need. Thankfully I work in a place that has everything I need for those special (and not-so-special) someones.

PureLift Face Non-Invasive Facelift
I'm giving this gadget to my ex-roommate because it will help keep both of her faces looking young and firm.

Grön CBD Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt
I should keep these in my bag and just start handing them out to everyone on the subway who shoves me, because clearly they need the gift of chilling the hell out.

Haoma Nourishing Cleansing Balm
This is one of my all-time favorite products because it can get literally any type of makeup off your face without drying out your skin. Maybe I should send some to our ex-president to help him dissolve off those decades of horrid fake tanner. 

Nature of Things Superlative Body Balm
Getting this CBD balm for my fiancé to soothe his sore muscles after his intense Richard Simmons workouts.

Tomen Calm Botanical Concentrate
I'll be giving each one of my co-workers a bottle of this tincture, because 2020 has been a wild year and we all need a minute to breathe. This blends integrative wellness with Chinese medicine and botany to help restore balance and calm the nervous system and mind.

Dena Gift GuideDena, Sales Associate

When gifting people things I usually focus on products or staple items I know they have wanted for a while or never knew about. Typically I’ll use gifting as an excuse to put someone on to an amazing product I know they would love and/or need in their life.

Bynacht Reverse Sun Radical Recovery Serum
My mom doesn't wear sunscreen, despite my constant lecturing, so I'm gifting her this as damage control to help fight the wrinkles and hyperpigmentation that UV rays can do to skin.

Skeem Palo Santo Jar
I love my best friend, but her room ALWAYS smells like weed. I'll be dropping her a subtle scent hint by giving her this jar of palo santo sticks for her to burn and give her space a slightly less dank aroma.

Supernal Cosmic Glow Oil
My boyfriend gets this customer-favorite face oil to help with his dry skin. His complexion is so parched, a regular moisturizer just won't do it — he needs the nourishing omegas this one is infused with to keep him properly hydrated.

Supracor Stimulite Bath Mitt
My brother and his crunchy skin gets this exfoliating body mitt to get rid of flakes and dead cells for a smoother skin surface.

 Dustin gift guideDustin, Operations Manager

I am a last-minute, freaking out that I wont find anything good kind of gift giver. If I buy stuff too early, I overthink it. This way I'm stuck with the decision and can't second guess myself. 

Augustinus Bader The Cream
My boyfriend doesn't use a lot of skin-care products, so this multitasking cream is perfect for him. It's like an entire routine in one product.

PureLift Face Non-Invasive Facelift
My mom is always looking to turn back the clock and this is THE tool to do it. It stimulates your facial muscles using a patented Triple Wave Technology to sculpt and tone for a fresher, more youthful look with continued use.

Leland Francis Bois Candle
This one is for my brother because his apartment needs a serious scent refresh. Plus, it's one of my favorites and I strongly believe his place should smell like mine because I know best.

Gossamer Dawn 
Jess has what feels like a million things to do every day, so I would give her this tincture from Gossamer to help keep her going — it's made with special cannabinoids and terpenes said to boost your energy levels.

Arch Sole Savior Relief Cream
My grandmother and I like to get pedicures together, but since that's not really a possibility right now for her, I'll be sending her this restorative cream for cracked heels to get her by until we can get back to our regular pedi dates.

Paulina Gift GuidePaulina, Sales Associate

I often like to go for gifts that I know the person will use or consume — a candle, a fancy olive oil, chocolates. I also cater to what they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves but feels special to them. And always, ALWAYS shop small and local whenever possible. 

8Greens Gummies
My brother likes his beer more than his vegetables, so he'll be getting these gummy supplements to help make sure he's getting those leafy green nutrients you can't find in a glass of IPA.

Dr. Sturm Scalp Serum
This anti-dryness scalp serum goes to my dad, who has spent his whole life buying dandruff products from the drugstore. Time for an upgrade, Pops. This will give his head the moisture it needs while also nourishing it and banishing flakes for a healthier scalp and hair.

Lord Jones Bath Salts
My sister-in-law to be is an ER nurse and, for obvious reasons, is in need of whatever kind of relaxation she can get right now. These bath salts have a unique blend of terpenes and essential oils that provide deep body relaxation and will hopefully give her a bit of reprieve from the daily chaos she faces all day, every day.

Westman Atelier Le Box Shanghai Edition
This one goes to my mom, who is the reason I fell in love with a classic red lip. It features Gucci Westman's iconic lip palette with four different shades of crimson that can be worn alone or blended to customize your look, plus her bestselling Eye Love You Mascara.

Costa Brazil Limited Edition Breu
Ok, this one is for me because I think I deserve a little something special after the year we've had. It's a fragrant resin that is elegant and has a grounding energy. It makes me feel transported and lets me bliss the f*** out, which is all I really want right now to end 2020.


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