How Jessica Richards Saves Her Skin From Irreparable Winter Damage ❄️

The Interview November 19, 2021

How Jessica Richards Saves Her Skin From Irreparable Winter Damage ❄️

In colder, drier climates, your skin’s water content evaporates at a rapid pace, leaving you with a brittle, irritated and flakey appearance if gone unmitigated. Indoor heating’s low levels of humidity draw moisture out of your skin even more extremely, so with few sources of relief during the winter months, it’s crucial to prepare, reinforce and protect your skin with the right products. 


It’s important to remember that damage inflicted on our skin can have lifelong consequences. While the immediate dehydration of your winter skin is only temporary, the skin sensitivity and irritation that accompanies excessively dry skin often precede more serious and sometimes permanent skin conditions, like eczema, stubborn inflammation and cracking. Low moisture levels in the skin also inhibit the natural cellular processes that keep our skin working for itself, leading to problems such as hyperpigmentation, clogged pores and increased signs of aging, to name a few. We have to support our skin’s health and needs by intervening where we can, protecting ourselves from winter's harsh gaze.

At SHEN we carry the exceptional products your skin will thank you for this winter. Here’s a list of your cold weather must-haves and why I can’t live without them.


XO, Jess


Irene Forte’s Hibiscus Night Cream harnesses the wrinkle eliminating power of hibiscus seeds for immediate and cumulatively enhancing age reduction! Comparable to invasive anti-aging methods in its astounding effectiveness, this revolutionary night cream restores moisture loss and the skin’s natural hydration barrier while you sleep.


Supernal’s Cosmic Glow Oil is the concentrated boost of moisture and nutrients your skin needs for the ultimate winter replenishment. This incredible and fast-absorbing oil combats dull winter skin with its brightening and rejuvenating ingredients, leaving you glowing, dewy and luminous.  



Pai’s Middlemist Seven Hydrating Cleanser won’t strip your skin like some facial cleansers might. Instead, this oil cleanser will imbue your skin with anti-inflammatory and free-radical combatting antioxidants, extreme moisture retention and a delicate, luxurious fragrance. Your skin is being stripped by moisture to an extreme degree during the winter months, so give your skin a break by avoiding the stripping facial cleansers and turning toward deep hydration!


Vitner’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum combines 22 of the world’s most nutrient rich and moisture restoring botanicals for extreme nourishment and moisture. This formula’s inclusion of intense fatty acids replenishes your skin’s moisture and luminosity while its soothing ingredients, like calendula and dandelion, relieve your skin from redness, irritation, and inflammation.


Doctor Rogers Restore’s Healing Balm soothes and heals dry and damaged skin, lips and nails with long lasting hydration. Perfect for chapped lips and dry patches, this all-healing ointment is a winter skin first-aid-kit necessity!

Doctor Rogers Restore: Healing Balm


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