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The Regimen July 29, 2021

Protect Your Skin from the Harmful Effects of Blue Light

We at SHEN are serious about protecting our skin from premature aging however we can. This is why we're serious about shielding our skin from the harmful effects of blue light. Both the blue light emitted from the sun AND our digital devices. Known as "the silent ager" blue light in large quantities quite literally kills your skin cells. 

The average person is on their phone 3-4 hours per day in ADDITION to an 8-hour workday spent in front of a computer! That's a tremendous amount of blue light exposure. Spending just four 8-hour workdays in front of a computer exposes you to the same amount of energy as 20 minutes in midday full sun. You'd never subject your face to 20 minutes of UV light without an SPF, so why would you expose your skin to the blue light emanating from your phone and computer? 

The issue with blue light is that in our modern society, we can't escape it and the oxidative stress it causes our skin can be worse than sun damage because it penetrates the skin more deeply. Because it penetrates our skin so deeply, blue light can directly decrease skin elasticity and cause those fine lines to be.... more line than fine. Studies have also shown that blue light can cause more severe pigmentation issues than the sun itself. And finally, if you need one more reason to be concerned about blue light and the skin, it also affects your sleep pattern by disrupting your natural melatonin cycles. And we all know poor sleep = poor skin.

So what do we do and how do we protect ourselves? 


MBR's Blue-Light Power Cream


Start by covering your tech devices and limiting your exposure as much as you can. Get a shield for your computer screen and turn off the blue light setting on your phone. To protect your skin from blue light, the number 1 product we suggest is MBR's Blue-Light Power Cream. This cream provides your skin with a blue light shield and is packed with antioxidants to combat environmental stressors and restore the skin's balance, vitality, and radiance. It's also formulated with Ectoin, a natural ingredient that is clinically proven to protect your skin's delicate cells from blue light, pollution, and inflammation which aids in anti-aging and calming of the skin. We seriously can't recommend this stuff enough. 


Quay's Blue-Light Filtering Glasses


To help with sleep and protect your eyes from blue light, we love Quay's Blue-Light Filtering Glasses. Blue light can cause sleeplessness but it also contributes to tired eyes and vision blur. Quay's Blue Light glasses feature lenses with Blue Light Technology, which help filter certain High Energy Visible (HEV) light from digital screens that, in some people, may contribute to these symptoms. Jessica has been wearing them for about two years and said, "my eyes just aren't as tired at the end of the day when I wear them. I've also noticed I get fewer headaches after a long day of emails or zooms." 


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