Sara Larson

The Regimen March 02, 2022


NY-based Sara Larson of The Larson Project is changing the way fashion PR is done. With a hands-on, one-on-one approach and a unique roster of clients, her 360º method of communication, storytelling, brand building, and relationship cultivation is a refreshing take on growing niche brands in an organic and compelling way.

Name: Sara Larson

Profession: Founder, The Larson Project

Describe yourself in 3 words: Spontaneous, Loyal, Dreamer

What makes you uniquely suited to PR?

I bring a personal connection and intuition to the fashion and beauty landscape. Each brand I represent is almost an extension of myself in a way—meaning, I work with and embrace brands that I really believe in and want to see flourish and thrive in the world. My goal is to empower each designer, co-founder, and brand in a way they desire to be seen through the lens of their brand’s DNA.

When do you feel in the flow?

Early morning or late night at my studio, when it’s just me and I can pour into my thoughts while listening to a podcast—usually a “who done it.” Also, reading magazines inspires me greatly. I love to carve out an afternoon each week where I explore the pages of an assortment of editorials. The ideas start to form and I find myself in the midst of inspiration Narnia. 

What is your philosophy on beauty?

It comes from the inside and shines brightly on the outside. 

How do you take care of your skin?

I wash it at night, typically when I’m in the bath with my kids. I use Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum, The Good C, Lifting Serum, Night Serum, and Super Anti-Aging Face Cream. Hydration is key!

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum
Dr. Barbara Sturm The Good C
Dr. Barbara Sturm Lifting Serum
Dr. Barbara Sturm Night Serum

What are the top three products you can’t live without? 

My signature red lip, Maarks Lip in Rouge.

Maarks Lip in Rouge

Lernberger Stafsing Silver Shampoo—the purple keeps my blonde bright.

Lernberger Stafsing Silver Shampoo

STURM Super Anti-Aging Face Cream—this stuff is magic.

STURM Super Anti-Aging Face Cream

How do you unplug and unwind? 

Dance party with my husband, Gunnar, and kids, Ihlen and Royal.

What is your cringiest beauty moment? 

Eek, dark brown Wet N Wild lip liner with a Cover Girl pink frost lip gloss. 

What is your beauty pet peeve with others?

To me all forms of beauty self-expression are worth celebrating.

What is your best beauty advice? 

Love yourself. Take care of your skin (wear sunscreen), hydrate, and never be afraid to explore color! A red or pink lip is an instant way to feel powerful and confident.

Sara Larson

What is your secret skill?

Finding rare, vintage pieces for the closet or home. It’s one of my very favorite things to do!

What is your mantra? Always take a meeting.



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