Must-Haves For Alleviating Post-Holiday Gut Health, Fatigue and Stress!

The Regimen December 27, 2021

Must-Haves For Alleviating Post-Holiday Gut Health, Fatigue and Stress!

If you’re like us, you indulged beautifully over the holidays with all your favorite treats. Nothing makes winter togetherness more delicious and comforting than the foods close to our hearts. And while we’re all gratefully familiar with the warmth of holiday goodies and elaborate feasts, we’re just as familiar with the inevitable indigestion that follows.


It’s also important to not underestimate how turbulent an effect holiday stress can have on the body. Intense stress can and often precedes insomnia, digestion problems, emotional and mental distress, an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and an expedited aging process. Which brings us to our next point: How can we gently restore our gut-health and mental well-being after a month of holiday eating, drinking and planning?


Well, you’ve come to exactly the right place. At SHEN, we know the value of a good time, but we also know the importance of repairing, rejuvenating and preventative self-care. These are the products we live by that not only alleviate immediate symptoms of holiday fatigue, but prepare your mind and body for those days we have less control over.


LIVON's Lypo-Spheric Magnesium L-Threonate increases brain health for better emotional well-being, body pain reduction, an overall feeling of relaxation, and improved memory and cognitive function. Roughly have the US Population is deficient in Magnesium, making it an essential supplement to integrate into your routine for immediate and preventative relief of anxiety, stress, physical pain and the effects of aging on cognitive health. 


GOOP's Chews in Knock Me Out are formulated with melatonin to aid in immediate sleepiness and L-tryptophan and vitamin B6 to support the body’s own production of this sleep hormone, increasing your body's own ability to sleep without any intervention! 



GRON's Peanut Butter Cups include two deliciously smooth milk chocolate or Dark Chocolate peanut butter cups infused with Oregon-grown broad-spectrum CBD and are dusted with indulgent and flavor-enhancing Jacobsen sea salt. Gluten-free, Non-GMO, and Soy-Free, these are bedside table essentials! 



MAHONI's Manuka Honey Inner Remedy are single-serve packs of pure mānuka honey that soothe and ease the throat and stomach. Ideal for acute irritations and travel friendly, we recommend having with your afternoon or morning teas and always keeping one in your purse or pocket! 



THE NUE CO.'s Destress 360 Total Body Stress Support is designed to reduce everyday stress and anxiety, alongside supporting the functions depleted by continual high stress: immunity, muscle pain, libido, stomach cramps and focus. A daily supplement with ingredients clinically proven to reduce stress levels, delivering total body support for functions impaired by elevated stress.



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