Jess Shares Her Tips On How To Shop For The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

The Interview April 18, 2021

Jess Shares Her Tips On How To Shop For The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mom's are pretty much the worst when it comes to buying presents for. The constant refrain of "Oh, you don't have to get me anything" means they never even hint at what they might like and you end up getting them flowers and a gift card pretty much every Mother's Day. Which, while a nice thought, isn't really that special. And, considering most of us haven't seen our moms in person in over a year, we kind of need to up our game this Mother's Day, no?

Lucky for us, Jess is kind of a genius at this whole gift giving thing. She always seems to know exactly what to give even the pickiest recipient to make them light up with joy when they unwrap their gift. 

With that in mind (and with Mother's Day coming up on us fast), we asked her to share her best tips for finding the perfect gift for the mom in your life. Keep reading to learn her secrets, including what she's gifting her own mom and the present she swears is the no-fail gift for any mom.

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Mother's Day Gift GuideWhat's your secret for shopping for the perfect Mother's Day gift? 
Think about what they like but maybe they haven't had the chance to try or what you think they need to try. Like if you know your mother-in-law loves to take baths, you could create a package with bath salts or soak, a body oil, and maybe even a little candle — you create a special moment for her that she probably wouldn't have done for herself. If it's for your own mother, then you know her best and can be a bit more assertive in your choices. Maybe she doesn't wear makeup but you think she'd look great with some, so maybe get her a neutral-colored lipgloss or lipstick — something that wouldn't scare her and that she would use — and then maybe something you know she would like or want to try like a really rich and luxurious body cream.

Why are beauty products a good idea for moms?
A lot of times women come in wanting to fix something they don't like about their skin, but then don't want to spend the money (ahem my mother). So, I think it's a nice time to spoil someone with something they will love and adore and use all the time, but maybe wouldn't have spent the money on themselves because they were being frugal or felt bad.

What are some Mother's Day gifts you are loving this year?
The PureLift Face Non-Invasive FaceLift is one I'm giving to my mom this year because she keeps complaining about her "saggy skin." It does exactly what it says and the more you use it, the stronger the muscles in your face get, which helps reduce the appearance of sagging and jowls. 

I think every single person, young and old should own a Manta brush. You can use it in the shower, with heat tools, or just on dry hair to style.  It was created for a woman suffering through chemo and hair loss and her husband designed it to help gently massage the scalp as she brushed. When you use it, over time you notice that there is less and less hair in the brush because it isn't pulling or ripping out your hair like other brushes do. Since my mother is over 70, her hair is thin and brittle, so she needs something that is really delicate on her scalp and follicles.

This one is pricey (that's an understatement) but the MBR Liquid Surgery Serum is so worth it because it is literally liquid surgery! My mom complains of sagging skin because she's lived her whole life in the sun and never wore sunscreen and now wants something that will fix it. This product adds oxygen to the skin similar to the way trees absorb carbon monoxide and convert to oxygen, thus making the skin more plump, radiant, and all around more healthy. I swear by this serum but the price scares most people (including my mom), so I know she won't buy it for herself.

My favorite bath product to give to anyone is the Nature of Things Restorative Floral BathIt smells great, feels great, and it actually hydrates the skin while soaking in it. Not only will this look beautiful in my mom's all white bathroom, but taking a bath and calming down is an essential part of Mother's Day.  
Jess Richards MomHow do you shop for your mom on Mother's Day? 
Before I became a mother myself, I always used to get my mom a beautiful huge bouquet of flowers, take her to brunch, and that was it. Now, as a mom I know that what I want is something more permanent, something that I can remember for the year my kids got it for me. So now every year, I get my mom a small piece of jewelry from my boys and I send her a massive box of beauty products — some that that bath related to help her to relax and reset, plus some hero products that I know she will love and adore. 

What's your "when in doubt" gift for when you have no clue what to give someone? 
There are two that I think will always work, no matter who they are for: Either a Nécessaire Body Exfoliaor with a Supracor Bath Mitt — because everyone can benefit from this skin-smoothing and -softening duo — or a beautiful candle that every time they light it they will think of you! 


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