Masturbation is Medicine

Going solo is just as fun, especially when you gift yourself the products that make alone time anything but lonely. Self-pleasure has been proven to be an incredible resource for stress management with its ability to stimulate and release your "happiness hormones," the endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin that physiologically reduce stress, improve mood and relax the mind and body. Studies have also shown its very positive impact on focus, sleep, libido, and the production of prolactin, a key hormone for healthy lactation and a strong immune system. In fact, masturbation has been recognized as so cognitively and emotionally beneficial, that it has been integrated into many therapeutic practices globally. So why not!? Get intimate with yourself today for the ultimate expression of self-love.


Dame: Kip Lipstick Vibrator 

It might be small and discrete, but it is not lacking in power. This travel friendly, double-ended, waterproof vibrator provides targeted stimulation at 5 levels of speed for transcendent varieties of sensation. Choose its soft, flexible tip, or its firm, enveloping cup. You won’t regret this purchase 😉


Vella: Women’s Pleasure Serum

This topical orgasm and arousal enhancer relaxes your vaginal and clitoral muscle tissue for more intensified, more frequent and more pleasurable orgasms. This revolutionary product is fun alone, or with a partner. Either way, we recommend always keeping it next to the bed.


Fleur Marche: Sex, Plz.

This groundbreaking, topical patch enriched with relaxing hemp extract, amino acids and herbs naturally gets you in the mood for self-love or sex. Able to be worn for up to 12 hours, place the patch on your skin for the most indulgent and satisfying arousal.


Heretic Parfum: Dirty Lavender Candle

When we say masturbation is sensual, we mean, let’s get all the senses involved. This hypnotizing scent will compliment your special alone time with relaxing lavender, mood-elevating bitter orange and neroli, earthy palo santo berry, vibrant vetiver and an intoxicating sandalwood. Show yourself how much you really care.


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"Beauty is self care. And self care makes us feel beautiful."

-Athena Calderone