Jess's Brand process

July 28, 2023

Jess's 'New Brand' Process

SHEN has some of the newest and best brands in the industry... but HOW?

Everyone from clients to other retailers always ask the same question.....How do you find all these brands that no one has ever heard of? How do you know it's going to be a winner? How, How, How? It's actually the thing about my job I love the most and the reason I started SHEN in the first place. I was dying to get these incredible products into people's hands but with the knowledge and understanding of how to use the product, why the product is good for their skin so they feel empowered with their purchase.  

What's the process?

The process of bringing in new brands to SHEN typically involves a combination of proactive outreach and discovery through various channels. I keep a close eye on emerging trends, attend beauty shows, and explore social media platforms to identify potential brands that align with the SHEN vision and customer needs. My favorite though is the good ol' days prior to Instagram of traveling to find new brands. 

What makes a brand catch your eye?

When a new brand catches my attention it is usually because of the packaging! Why not, I used to work in fashion so in my ideal world (yes I am a Libra as well) every single product would be perfectly packaged for the clients.  Who doesn't want a beautiful shelfie?! Really though, once I like the packaging I do a thorough evaluation process to ensure its compatibility with our clients. This always involves testing the products on different individuals with diverse sin types to assess their effectiveness, safety, and overall user experience.  Examining the ingredients, formulation, packaging, and brand ethos to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Once myself and my team has had a chance to experience the products personally, there is a collaborative discussion where everyone shares their thoughts and feedback.  This may involve team members with various backgrounds, including skincare specialists, beauty enthusiasts, marketing professionals, and others who contribute their unique perspectives.  The goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the product's performance, appeal, and potential impact on YOU all.

How do you pick specific products within a brand?

Curating the assortment is where I like to dig deep.  Choosing products from a new line is a very thoughtful and thorough process.  I consider factors such as market demand, customer preferences, product uniqueness, and overall brand fit.  I like to select a curated assortment that represents the brands core values, showcases its best offerings, and complements our existing product offerings. I aim to ensure SHEN has a diverse range of products that cater to different skin concerns, ensuring our clients have access to a comprehensive assortment.

What's new & coming at SHEN?

Recently, I have introduced some exciting new brands to our lineup, including Reduit, 19/99 Beauty and Exponent. Each of these caught my attention through a combination of my deep dive into the why behind the brand. I feel that these, just like all the others, will resonate with you all in a unique way and I am beyond thrilled to offer these and many more for decades to come, bringing innovative and high quality products to you.

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