Jessica's Fall Skincare Routine

The Interview September 09, 2021

Jessica's Fall Skincare Routine

I know it’s hard to imagine that our summer flip-flops and airy dresses are ready to be put away as we head toward an imminent autumn. With our schedules reorganizing themselves into a new normal, with offices and schools re-opening and the weather beginning to palpably shift, it’s important to reconsider our skincare routines.
In the same way our clothing must change in preparation for crisper days and colder evenings, in the way we would never embark on a frigid fall morning in flip-flops and a sundress, our skincare requires equal modification!
In mid-September, when I can feel the myriad signs of impending fall beginning to cumulate, I always meet with an expert facialist to assess how my skin reacted to a long, humid and sunny summer. It tends to be that despite all my protective measures (high SPF re-applied throughout the day, sunhats, regular exfoliations, restorative skincare, etc.), I still end up with sun damage that needs to be addressed.
Once you have a foundation to build on after healing your skin from summer and prepping it for fall, you can begin to construct the seasonally transitory skincare routine that will keep you from dehydration, irritation and sensitivity.
End-of-summer exfoliating is key. Gentle and regular exfoliations will rid your skin of all the dead cells on its surface while supporting and quickening their turnover and regeneration rate. Not only does this create a younger, more vibrant complexion, but it also increases the penetrability of the products meant to soothe, heal and protect your skin from the fallout that often comes with changing seasons.  
If you have super sensitive skin, I recommend a chemical exfoliation. Though they have their own effect on the skin with reckless usage, they are less likely to cause the microtears that keep the skin irritated and inflamed. Check out our post on Physical Vs. Chemical exfoliation to determine which exfoliating products are best your skin type. A chemical exfoliant I love and swear by is Lernberger Stafsing’s AHA/BHA Peel for surface exfoliation and sub-surface oil elimination. If you want to go physically buff the skin, I recommend Tammy Fender’s Epi-Peel, an award-winning micro-exfoliant designed to work as an all-in-one exfoliator, peel and mask.

Next up: We’re looking for intense hydration. Now that you’ve exfoliated, your new skin stripped of all its dead cells needs strong, protecting nourishment. Using products high in antioxidants are going to aid in eliminating those summer-sun-and-laughter-born wrinkles as well a combat the effects of aging.
Using something like Bynacht’s Illuminating Super C Serum, which is incredibly potent, or going with something a bit gentler, like Skin Design Londons’ C Antioxidant Glow, is a great place to start. Head to The Manual here to learn more about Vitamin C and its incredible effects on skin health and resiliency.

Firstly, determine what skincare problems you have (Dryness? Hyperpigmentation?) and then focus in on those specific needs. For problems of pigmentation, I would choose Environ’s Vita-Botanical Mela-Fade Serum System A +B. For problems of hydration, I’d go with Bynacht’s Hypercharged Glass Skin Serum formulated with 8 different Hyaluronic acids. And if I was battling with breakouts, I’d stick to MBR’s Normalizing Lipid & Sebum Care. However, if you want to attack everything, now is the perfect time to start your 3-month routine with MBR’s Liquid Surgery Serum. Yes, it’s a costly commitment. only use 3 bottles a year and I can attest to its serious effectiveness. It is a powerhouse of a product, to the say the least, and I have never experienced transformative skincare like this.

Now, it’s moisturizing. The non-negotiable step for any skincare routine of any season. But for cooler, drier weather, adding a thicker moisturizer or oil to your routine will make a world of difference., On particularly dry days, I like to mix a hydrating oil with a thick moisturizer for that extra, soothing, protecting oomph. Again, focus on those antioxidants. I like to ensure I’m getting a healthy dose of them by mixing Supernal’s Cosmic Glow Oil with an exceptional moisturizer.

Here are the moisturizers I love for any season, but especially during the colder months:
MBR’s Cream Extraordinary
Bynacht’s Moonlit Meadows Moisturizer
Tammy Fender’s Celestial Rose Crème
Tammy Fender’s Antioxidant Crème

Lastly, please don’t forget about your precious eyes. An eye-cream in the evening is an absolute essential! I love something light and effective, like Goldfaden MD’s Bright Eyes, but if I’m looking for something a little more robust, I turn to Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Eye Cream, which has a luxurious gel-like feel and works remarkably. And remember, as long as it’s daytime, you need an SPF. My absolute go-to brand for dependable, healthy sun protection is always EltaMD!

Pro-Tip: Environ’s Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber is a great, convenient and effective way to keep your skin well cleansed while ensuring optimal penetrability for all the products that will keep your skin happy and protected this fall!



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