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The Regimen July 11, 2020

How To Take The Perfect Bath

There are two types of people in this world: Those that love baths and those that don't get what all the fuss is about. We maintain that people that aren't bathophiles(™) just haven't had the pleasure of achieving that perfect bathing experience. There's so much more to a long, luxurious bath than dumping some bubbles in a tub and clamoring in. Bathing is a ritual meant to pamper your mind, body, and soul to leave you feeling calm and content after you emerge from those healing waters.

We aim to remedy this egregious error by teaching everyone once and for all the key components of tub life. From how to set up your space to the products to use and what to do while you're actually splashing around in there, read on to unlock the secrets of the perfect bath.

Heretic Parfums Candles

Step One: Set The Stage
In order to best enjoy your bathtime, you need to make sure the you've created the right ambiance and have the necessary essentials at hand so you don't have to keep hopping out of the tub or get settled and realize you forgot something. A bath tray is a must—bonus points if it has a built-in glass holder and place to lean your phone or book. 

Turn off overhead lights and either use a small lamp or, our preference, opt for candles to give you that soft, soothing glow. Our two fave bath candles come from Heretic. Dirty Grass, a blend of Haitian vetiver, fresh lemon peel, violet leaf, and galbanum combined with full spectrum hemp scented oil to soothe the mind and ground the soul; or Slightly Bitter, a tart and tantalizing blend of uplifting citrus, greens, and berries for an instant mood boost.

Nature of Things Restorative Floral Bath

Step Two: Find Your Bath Partner
No, not someone to share your tub with — but good on you if you have one big enough to fit you and your bath-appreciating partner. We're talking your main product, the star of bathtime. This could be salts, bubbles, oils, or milks. It all depends on your preferences and what you want that product to do. If you want to go full detox, salts, clays, and charcoal are for you. Want to flash back to less complicated times? Grab an extra-sudsy bubble bath gel in a whimsical bottle. Prefer something decadent and luxurious? A floral bath milk, like Nature of Things Restorative Floral Bath, is just the ticket. In addition to lush jasmine, plumeria, vetiver, and cedarwood oils, it's also infused with healing gems—including hydrating quartz and detoxifying malachite. All that, plus mineral-charged seawater to refine pores and capsicum pepper to ease muscle tension.

Goop Knock Me Out

Step Three: Enjoy Your Tub Time
The complaint we hear from many people about baths is they get in and immediately get bored. If you plan on spending a quiet afternoon or evening in the tub, you need to give yourself something to do. Basically, think of your bath like your couch — a place to unwind and chill. 
Some people are content to bathe and clear their mind with soothing meditation apps, while others need some form of entertainment, so plan according to your bath personality. Set a playlist for quiet relaxation or queue up some shows you'd like to watch to keep your mind busy.

Grab yourself some easy to munch snacks and a drink—wine or tea, depending on your preference. Have a dry washcloth handy for easy hand wiping when you need to grab things. If you're a pre-bedtime bather, we recommend popping a Goop Knock Me Out Chew or a dropper full of Gossamer's CBD Dusk tincture to help quiet your mind and get you ready for sleep. 

When the water starts to feel chilly, let out a bit of it and add in more hot water to keep it to your optimal toasty temperature.

Skin Design London Designer Balm

Step Four: Don't Forget Your Face
While you're soaking in the hot water, it's an opportune time to give your face a little extra love with a face mask. The steam helps the mask penetrate deeper as it softens pores. After exhaustive testing, we've determined Skin Design London's Designer Balm is the perfect in-bath mask. With a maximum concentration of vitamin A, plus rosehip oil, soy proteins, and hyaluronic acid, it's a transformative at-home treatment to peel, plump, smooth, and hydrate all skin types and concerns. Wait until the last 15 minutes of your bath to apply, then let it sit and wash off with a warm, wet cloth. Your skin will legit glow afterwards.

Irene Forte Rose Body Oil

Step Five: Keep The Pampering Going Post-Bath
Bathtime doesn't end once you step out the tub. While your skin is still wet, it's at its most absorbent, meaning whatever you apply, your skin will drink up. We prefer oils post-bath because they lock in hydration as they moisturize—plus they make you feel extra fancy. Irene Forte Nourishing Rose Body Oil is loaded with seven different botanical oils, including rose and avocado, it helps protect and boost the skin's natural barrier to leave it feeling soft, smooth and supple. 

Make sure to hydrate to help replenish any lost fluids that all that steamy soaking may have caused. If you're feeling posh, throw some cucumbers in there to give you that pampering spa vibe.

Give this five-step ritual a try and then tell us: Are you a bath person now?


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